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Copywriter and Graphic Designer

I can turn a phrase or two and create original and striking images to accompany them.

Creative Copywriting

I have extensive experience writing copy for successful grant narratives, press releases, social media campaigns, interviews, artistic statements, blogs, emails, and print media. My strength lies in approachable language that is witty, concise, and impacting.


I am also an occasional writer for online publications:


OMPF Blog: You In? (Bonus: My GIANT face.)

DC Theatre Scene: Tragedy, Averted

DC Theatre Scene: Four Women

Posters and Print Design

I create graphic design for print promotional items such as posters, brochures, flyers, and postcards. 

Digital Media

I draw upon a variety of creative tools to create promotional materials for use in HTML emails, blogs, websites, events listings, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital outlets.

Not limited to graphic design and static images, I also am versed in shooting and editing video for campaigns, audience outreach initiatives, and creative projects.

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