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I am a director, performer, and cultural producer. I create plays, films, and ephemeral experiences in theatres, galleries, abandoned buildings, and the space in between.

My performance works embody and refract the many absurdities of human existence as a tool to examine and upend social constructs such as power and gender. These explorations in my art straddle the often thin territories between humor and despair, intimacy and strangeness, manner and hysteria, toward a more expansive, beautiful, and bizarre understanding of the world.




Le Mondo

Dismantling and reconfiguring structures to service a more expansive idea of society also figures heavily into my arts organizing work.


In 2014, I wanted to address some of the long--standing economic and political obstacles facing independent arts producers in Baltimore - namely a decided lack of accessible resources and safe, affordable, permanent space for artists and experimental art. What could it mean for artists of little means to coalesce and manifest a shared, lasting resource bigger than themselves for the community, present and future? A resource that championed experimentation, risk-taking, and radical approaches to art and community? How could we empower ourselves and create a stake in the community we lived and worked?


In order to answer these questions for myself, I co-founded Le Mondo, an ambitious and unprecedented grassroots project redeveloping three derelict buildings in downtown Baltimore into a vibrant, artist-owned ecosystem including a multi-use arts venue, artist studios, experimental black-box theatre, live-work spaces, and a bar and cafe. 


You should definitely be supporting it!

Photo by Mike Morgan


EMP Collective

I am the Founding Artistic Director of EMP, a beloved independent multi-use art space in downtown Baltimore since 2011. In addition to the glamorous world of DIY space and non-profit management, I curated seasons of multidisciplinary programming that deliberately placed artists and audiences into uncharted terrain to challenge understanding of form and discipline, creating new and unexpected collaborations between communities in a welcoming, inclusive environment.


Over the years, EMP has been recognized as Best Collective (Baltimore City Paper), Best Multi-Use Art Space (Baltimore City Paper), and one of the boldest "visions to change Baltimore for the better" (Baltimore Magazine).​ At EMP, I've produced a slew of my own regular programming including: Pulse, a performance art salon and event series (Best New Series, Baltimore City Paper), several plays, and gallery shows.

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