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in plain sight(site)

The veils between worlds are thin and we can easily slip through.


Ten artists conjure portals to other realities in an interdimensional train station. Shape-shifting between times and dimensions, these artists tease out visions that question our sight, embody the present impossible, and transport us into the unknown. 


Featuring Sun English, Alisa Glenn, Lynn Hunter, Sifu Sun, April Lewis, Katie Macyshyn, Carly J Bales, Laure Drogoul, Bashi Rose, Michele Blu, and Noelle Tolbert.


    2020. In Plain Sight(site) curated by Carly J Bales & Laure Drogoul. Le Mondo | Baltimore, MD

Noelle Tolbert Carly J Bales Le Mondo
Carly Bales Current Space dirty clean
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With a mixture of carcinogenic chemicals and an abundance of plastic bags, dry cleaning is the ultimate un-clean. Like the living dead, dry-cleaning generates a dead zone in the natural world, lingering long past its time.


Laure Drogoul’s exhibition is the culmination of a 2 year project to research the after-life of human made materials related to domesticity. During the performance, otherworldly Sisyphean cleaning clerks hopelessly and endlessly fold, weigh, and bale the universe's trash. 


Featuring Laure Drogoul, Joe Meduza, Matthew Williams, and Carly J Bales.


    2020. dirty~clean cleaners exhibition, Laure Drogoul.
Current Space | Baltimore, MD


Sin eater

Strange intimacy and transgression transference. Closeness in the open. Participants are asked to pay a small fee. In exchange, the artist will eat their sins and absolve them of any guilt. Over time, the residue of the sins accumulate into a new form and body.


    2016. Labbodies Retrospective exhibition, curated by Ada Pinkston and Hoesy Corona. Spacecamp | Baltimore, MD

    2016. Fields Festival Performance Series, curated by Cricket Arrison. Fields Festival | Darlington, MD

    2014. Of screens, remainders, and holds..., curated by Andrew Glenn Shenker and Michael Benevento. Current Gallery | Baltimore, MD


In Taking Space

Exploring the body taking physical space as an inherently political act -- both oppressive and emancipatory -- in response to the pure geometry forms in ROOM, a sculptural exhibition in conjunction with the Maryland Institute College of Art.


The piece invited itself to evolution or deterioration over the night. Audiences asked to come and go, touch and not touch, witness or ignore. The performers at times slammed their bodies together, climbed atop each other, or became ensconced within the same oppressive structures within the space.


The interactions became struggles between independence and dependence, power and weakness, failure and success, the individual and the group. The living sculptures they created rose and fell, supported and antagonized, ebbed and flowed.

Also featuring Alex D'Agostino and Noelle Tolbert.

2016. Room, MICA | Baltimore, MD

New Rituals of power

Experiments in power and gender with Emilia Pennenan

    2016. Fable, for Parts and Pieces  | Baltimore, MD
2016. Superwomen, with Marcelline | Baltimore, MD
2015. Midsummer Night's Dream, with Michael Wasteney Stephens | Baltimore, MD
2015. Tidal Swell | Baltimore, MD


never ever

Don't take a chance. Live well. Live right.

   2015. St. Mark's Church | Baltimore, MD

We hope you enjoy our performance

An absurdist cabaret of beauty, gender, and violence. With Jacob Budenz.   




2014. Femininity and the Feminine Image. Pulse Performance Series | Baltimore, MD   


2015. The Praxis Series. Little Berlin | Philadelphia, PA

hopelessly devoted

2 u

A site-specific work including bathtubs, beautiful ladies, ritual gone grotesque, and the song stylings of Olivia Newton John.   



2013. LADYPARTS, curated by Alexandra “Rex” Delafkaran and Eames Armstrong. Aether Art Projects | Washington, DC